E-Design for One Room

E-Design for One Room

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We are now offering e-design services! Here is how it works:

1. Your $100 design fee is good for one room of your choosing. We are happy to assist you with as many rooms as you need, but each space will be a flat $100 fee, no matter how many hours we spend getting your design just right.

2. Send current photos and dimensions of your space to: design@texturedhaus.com. Include a description of what you are looking for and wanting to achieve in your space, along with a description of your personal style and your budget for the project. Please keep in mind the average price of our furniture pieces when giving your budget, as we only include items in our designs that we sell. We have access to thousands of pieces of furniture, rugs, and art that are not listed on our site and can accommodate any decor style.

3. Our resident designer, Sydnee, will then review your photos and information and will send you an e-design. She may need to reach out for more information before sending you your design, but generally you should receive it within a week. After you receive your initial design, you will have up to two modifications per design if would like to switch out pieces for something more your style.

4. Once you have received your finished design, you may then decide what you would like to purchase and we will send you an invoice and place your order with our manufacturer!


If you have any questions about this or any design service, please reach out to Courtney at hello@texturedhaus.com.